All photographers are liars.

Photography. Birdcages. Typography. Superheroes. And broken letters.

Tremere Grand Tribunal.

owbn Tremere Only Event. Columbus, OH. 

More details to come.

Models: Harveen M. as De La Corte, Jason C. as Lord Thrace, Justin Q. as Grimes, Jason R. as Randall Scott, Peter D. as Hugo Valentine, and Jesse as an Apprentice. 

[Alex Rushing and I had way too much fun shooting with the models. They were all insanely lovely to pose for me!]

More information to be updated soon:

Adam Witt. All day.

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anxiety sucks! know what doesn’t suck? blanket forts. also you. you’re great. you deserve to make a blanket fort and eat chocolate chip cookies in it. I hope a cute dog smiles at you today. 

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basically, Tom Hiddleston is an enthusiastic 33 year old actor who is a pleasure to work with because of it.

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